The Preseli Hills

greenTor are offering weekly guided walks in the Preseli Hills throughout September and October 2020, these guided walks are also available by request so please contact us if you can't make any of the advertised dates. Walks range from 6 – 9 miles. Booking is essential.

Walks start from the villages of Rosebush or Mynachlogddu.

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The Preseli Hills are found in the northern part of Pembrokeshire, they are a great area for walking away from the coastline and have some of the best views of Pembrokeshire, with Ireland and Snowdonia seen on a clear day. Across the hills are prehistoric remains and burial cairns dating back to the Bronze Age.

What you will see on a hike in the Preseli Hills with greenTor:


Carn Menyn

Carn Menyn is known for its claim to be the site of where the famous Bluestone was extracted, Preseli Bluestones are found in the inner ring of Stonehenge. The Preseli Hills are 175 miles West of Stonehenge, which is now home to more than 40 large Bluestone's. How they arrived in Wiltshire is still questioned.

The jagged outcrops like Carn Menyn and others in the Preseli Hills are formed from long and slow periods of freeze and thaw.

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At the eastern end of the Preseli range is an Iron Age hilltop fort at FoelDrygarn. The name FoelDrygarn means ‘hill with three cairns.’ It features three huge Bronze Age burial mounds. These burial mounds which pre date the Iron Age were left untouched by Iron Age fort builders by way of respect to their ancestors of these sacred burial places.


Carn Bica & Bedd Arthur

Carn Bica overlooks Bedd Arthur, a collection of stones placed in the shape of an eye is said to be the resting place of King Arthur. The monument is likely to have been constructed in Neolithic times, way before King Arthur is believed to have lived between 400 – 600AD.

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The Golden Road

Archaeologists still dispute the importance of the route which dates back 5000 years ago.

It could have been one of more than hundreds of ridgeways of high trails that people and animals took to avoid dense forest.

Or possibly used as a trading superhighway where Gold was mined in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland and transported to South England.


Mynachlogddu & Bluestone Pillar

In the village of Mynachlogddu stands a pillar of Bluestone.

This pillar of Bluestone is one of two brought down from the crest of Carn Menyn by an RAF Chinook helicopter on 6th April 1989.

The Bluestones were donated by the Lord of the manor of Mynachlogddu to English Heritage, one to be displayed at Stonehenge, the other erected here to indicate their place of origin.

Important Information 

The Preseli Hills is open and can become wet and windy, therefore a good shoes or boots must be worn along with sensible clothing, you will also be required to carry water and food for the day. Walks can take between 3 - 5hours. 

All participants, if not booked online, will need to sign a medical disclaimer and risk acknowledgement form, which will include extra  Covid-19 information and requirements.